Your baby enters a wonderful new phase of development this week. There are lots of amazing things happening to you and your baby so let’s take a closer look at what to expect at 11 weeks pregnant.

Your beautiful tiny baby could curl up into your hand this week. The head and body of your baby are now equal in size and the skin is transparent showing their blood vessels. The webbing of the toes and feet from those early weeks is now starting to disappear and they are now starting to grow little fingers, toes, and even their facial appearance.

You might even be showing a slight bump this week!

How big is my baby?

Your beautiful little baby is about the size of a small lemon at 11 weeks pregnant. They are about 1.7 inches long and will weigh around 6.5 grams. 

What’s my baby doing?

Your baby has grown to the size of a small lemon. Their hands and feet have been formed and they now have full human characteristics and features. 

Your baby will now be clenching, stretching, and doing lots of kicking this week. Lots of parents don’t know what to expect at 11 weeks pregnant regarding movement and can become concerned if they can’t feel any kicking. Don’t expect to feel any kicking just yet because that will arrive between weeks 16 and 24.

Hair follicles are starting to develop this week and your baby’s nails will also start to take shape. Although their lungs are not completely formed, the heart is beating at around twice the speed of ours!

It’s important for bones to start hardening up this week and red blood cells will be forming in the liver to support this important milestone. Lots of babies suffer from hiccups in week 11 because this is the time they start to form a diaphragm.

Changes in my body & symptoms

You will probably still be trying to come to terms with fatigue. Not all mothers are affected by fatigue but most will encounter it. Try to keep your blood sugar levels up and increase complex carbs and some protein.

Your hormonse will be raging this week and it isn’t uncommon to still be feeling very nauseous. Hang in there because you are not far from your second trimest where morning sickness tends to subside.

Here are the common pregnancy symptoms you’re likely to experience this week:

  • Mood swings: One minute you feel on top of the world. The next you want to strangle your partner. Your hormones are raging and mood swings are unfortunately very common. If you have never tried yoga before now is a good time to start! If you have a history of mental health-related issues and you feel you aren’t coping with your mood swings always seek help from your GP.
  • Discharge: Expect to face some vaginal discharge this week. It’s just your body’s way of ridding itself of secretions from your vagina and cervix. Pantiliners are your friend.
  • Darkened skin: You might start to notice a dark line making its way down the center of your belly. This pregnancy symptom is known as linea nigra. This darkish line is caused by hormonal changes in your body and usually isn’t permanent.
  • Fatigue: Try to get as much rest as you can. Your body is still adapting to all the wonderful changes it’s facing.
  • Sickness & nausea: If you’ve been suffering from morning sickness hang on in there. It’s rubbish but you will make it through this period and things will start to get much better in your second trimester (usually…).
  • Does my bum look big in this?: You might be feeling that your clothes are starting to get a little tight this week, especially if you are a skinny jeans kind of girl. Well, what did you expect? Week 11 is always a good time to start thinking about more comfortable clothing.

What you should be doing at 11 weeks pregnant


Antenatal classes are popular and tend to get booked up very quickly. Start doing your research now to secure your spot. You should also think about looking for new clothes. It’s never too early to start planning your wardrobe for trimester two!

Don’t forget that if you are a UK resident then you’re entitled to free dental treatment. This freebie starts when you have your first treatment and continues for 12 months after your baby is born.

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