Your beautiful baby has doubled in size so knowing what to expect at 12 weeks pregnant will help you enjoy all the magical changes taking place right now to you and your baby.

As you approach the end of your first trimester, it’s incredible to think that your baby is now fully formed. This week they will be starting to test their reflexes and even open their eyes and mouth!

How big is my baby at 12 weeks? 

Your baby is now just under a couple of inches long – think small tangerine!

What’s my baby doing this week?

Although still tiny, all the body parts of your beautiful little baby are now in place and perfectly formed.

Over the next 27 weeks, your baby will start to move into a maintenance phase where internal systems and organs will be developed. This development is preparation for life in the outside world. Their digestive system is now fully operational and bone marrow will start making crucial white blood cells. Their tiny toes have now separated and should now be all the same length.

Sounds will now start playing a role in your baby’s world. Most baby’s start to react to sounds at the end of the first trimester by moving their limbs. You won’t be able to feel any kicking just yet even though your baby’s ankle joints are developed and formed. Sensitivity to sounds is now very real for your baby so it’s a great time to start playing your favourite music out so your baby can practise throwing some shapes.

Your 12-week scan is now due which is a very exciting time for you and your partner.

What happens at my 12-week scan?

The scan takes about 20-30 minutes and will produce an image of your baby in black and white.

A sonographer will carry out your scan and use equipment to listen to your baby’s heartbeat and take some measurements. These measurements are very important as they will let the medical team assess the health and growth rate of your baby and help calculate the exact due date.

Changes in your body

If you have always been a healthy weight you may notice a very small bump or see some slight outlines of a baby belly. The first sign of a baby bump commonly appears between weeks 12 and 16 so don’t panic if you haven’t noticed a belly growth just yet.

Week twelve should also thankfully see the end of you constantly running for the toilet because your uterus will start to move away from the bottom of your pelvis up to the top of your abdomen.

As your uterus moves from the bottom of your pelvis to the front of your abdomen, you’ll hopefully (finally) lose the need to constantly wee! There is tissue in your pelvis that supports your uterus called the round ligament. This ligament needs to stretch as your uterus starts to expand. Your uterus is growing to help house your baby so don’t worry if you start to notice some twangs in the pelvis or lower abdomen areas.

Feeling dizzy at the end of the first trimester is a very common symptom. It’s caused by progesterone, which is a pregnancy hormone that relaxes your blood vessels to widen them and increase the flow of blood to your baby.

Remember, if you feel dizzy or faint, try not to panic and lie down with your head lowered between your knees. Take lots of deep breaths and keep snacking to keep those blood sugar levels up.

What you should be doing at 12 weeks pregnant

Having your 12-week scan!  

The end of your first trimester is also a great time to start thinking about where you would like to give birth. Do you want a traditional hospital birth, or would you rather have your child at home? Some of your choices might need to based on your home location and whether or not you have any underlying health conditions. It’s fine to make a decision on where and how you want to have your baby because you can always change your mind later on down the road.

It’s never a bad time for retail therapy when you are pregnant so start checking out some new clothes as your body starts to grow and change shape!

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